Described as mixing the “critical apparatus of Foucault’s Language Counter-Memory Practice with the sensibilities of a Tod Browning movie” Jack Sargeant is a writer, curator, artist and lecturer who is fascinated by the limits of human behaviour, and the aesthetic, political, sexual, and philosophical challenges to these limits.

An acknowledged expert in underground film and culture, his work has been described as “dangerously inspirational”. His first book – written when he was 26 – Deathtripping: the Cinema of Transgression (republished as Deathtripping: the Extreme Underground) remains the only complete guide to post-punk New York underground film. Subsequent books Naked Lens: Beat Cinema, Suture and Cinema Contra Cinema continue Sargeant’s exploration of underground cinema and avant garde artistic practice.

Simultaneously Sargeant has written extensively about cult and neglected B-movies with essays appearing in numerous collections including From The Arthouse to the Grindhouse (eds Rob Weiner and John Cline) and Underground USA (eds Xavier Mendick and Steven Jay Schneider). Sargeant has written on J G Ballard in Terminal Atrocity Zone (ed Candice Black) and contributed essays on topics as diverse as car crash pop songs, medical fetishism, road rage, and pubic hair to numerous collections. He has also written essays and introductions for books by Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman, Cat Hope and Erin Coates, amongst others.

He has lectured internationally on topics ranging from underground film, the work of William S Burroughs, obscure cultures and many other areas. He has curated film, performance, lectures, spoken word, fine art and photography exhibitions across the world.

Sargeant has also made numerous film appearances, appearing in documentaries such as Love And Anarchy: The Wild, Wild World of Jamie Leonarder, Llik Your Idols, Blank City, The Advocate For Fagdom and others. He has made brief cameo as an actor in X, co-starred in PLRGII and appeared in Bloodrag.

As an artist and curate he has been collaborating with photographer Linsey Gosper on a series of projects.