Flesh and Excess On Underground Film

Published by Amok Books, USA.

A reclaiming of the underground focusing specifically on a selection of unique body-based films that have tweeked the author's obsessions: industrial culture, flesh, Bataille, de Sade, sex, Burroughs, vomit, 'perversion' and much more besides.

Against Control

Published by Eight Millimetres, Sweden.

A lavishly produced hardcover edition, Against Control collects together a selection of essays on William S Burroughs and related themes, taking in topics such as the writing of Burroughs' Naked Lunch, flicker and the Dreamachine, the Master Musicians of Joujouka and more. With an introduction by Michael Spann of Xochi 23 and photographic contributions from Lee Ranaldo, Mark Bennett, Herman Vanaerschot and Barry Hale, and featuring a beautiful wraparound dust jacket collage by visionary artist Dan Wininger, the book comes in a special limited edition of 23 featuring an original print by artist Belinda Sinclair, and a regular edition.

The book is available via the publisher at the link below.

Two new catalogue essays:

Jack Sargeant has a lengthy essay in Erin Coates's Kinesphere published by PICA Press.

Jack also has written an introductory essay to Cat Hope's The End of Abe Sada, also published by PICA Press.
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